Return / Refund Policy

We are reasonable people and if you buy something from us that doesn't work out, we want you to return it to us. Nevertheless, we aren't Lazada, so please don't take this as an invitation to order things "for trial." When we receive an order, we assume you want to buy the product, not try it.

If you are not satisfied with the product we will take the unused product back and promptly refund 90% of your purchase price. The customer is responsible for return shipping expenses. The 10% restocking fee is necessary to help defray our shipping and handling expenses.

This fee will be applied to ALL RETURNS unless it falls under one of the following exceptions:

  • The carrier damaged the product in shipping.*

  • We sent you a product other than the one you ordered.

  • You received a faulty or defective product.

* Please contact us immediately if you receive a damaged package and please keep the shipping materials on hand. The carrier may need to inspect them during pickup.

The list of items may not be returned under the following circumstances:

  • Used (wet) filter cartridges.

  • Chlorine pellets.

  • Filter media that has been opened.

  • The whole house reverses osmosis units and accessories.

  • Special-ordered parts (including ledge faucets and filter valve parts).

Certain large products like backwashing filters, dry pellet chlorinators, and water softeners cannot be returned if they have been used. If unused and in the manufacturer's original packaging, they may be returned at the customer's expense within thirty days of receipt, but a restocking fee of 30% will apply.

We make no specific claims as to the effectiveness of the health benefits of any products we sell. Local water quality, chemistry, and conditions vary dramatically from location to location. Since many of our products are intended for the correction of extremely challenging water conditions, we cannot accept responsibility for the purchase of inappropriate, undersized, or oversized equipment. Please call and we'll help with selection if you're not sure what you need. Our recommendation is not a guarantee of performance. We do our best, but we make mistakes, and many water treatment issues are a matter of trial and error even for on-site experts.


Minor leaks are not a cause for a full refund. Many of our products require some assembly, and due to basic shipping constraints, we are unable to pressure test all products that we ship. We can't, therefore, promise a leak-free product. We try our best, but because of the nature of water-based appliances, leaks are sometimes an unforeseeable occurrence. If you have a small leak, please contact us immediately and we will try to resolve the issue with minimal cost and effort on your part. Most leaks are fixed simply by checking & tightening fittings, re-lubricating seals, or applying Teflon tape to a fitting.

If a leak occurs because of damage in shipping or a defective part, call and we'll replace the product or defective part at once.

Return Procedure

Before returning a product please call 1300-88-1313 or email our return department to set up your return request.

Any returns made without contacting our return department will not be credited to your account. Return requests must be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of the product. Return requests after 30 days will not be honored or will be subject to additional restocking fees. Return requests made after 30 days from the date of receipt are granted solely at our discretion.

Refusing Shipment

If you wish to return an order by refusing shipment from the carrier on delivery, you should still contact us for return authorization prior to our receipt of the refused package. Refused shipments without an authorized return will not be credited or refunded.

Out Of Klang Valley orders.

We do not accept returns on Out of Klang Valley orders. If you have received an incorrect or damaged product we will do our best to resolve the situation, but returns and refunds on foreign orders are given only in exceptional situations.

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