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Le'Gray Water Purifier


Le'Gray Water Purifier

Price Options
One-time purchase
12 Month Rental
RM120.00monthly/ 12 months
    • Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd is not liable for any damages caused by careless handling or negligence by customers including, but not limited to: vandalism, lost equipment, burned dispensers, pipe join burst from pressure caused by Syabas, flooding caused by owner’s water tank, any damages caused to customer’s office and pantry, etc.

    • For rental Unit * Loss and damages to dispensers will be charged at RM2899.00 per unit. Purification System will remain the property of Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd.

    • For rental Unit * RM300 refundable deposit will be collected before delivery.

    • Installation Charges* comprises a tap fitting & pipes of 10mtr length & labor charges to fix the 8mm piping to their dispenser from water tap source.

    • Maintenance Service Programme* comprises changing of filters & internal spare parts only.

    • Kindly allow seven (7) working days for the arrangement of installation based on the date of confirmation from the application form.

    • Term of Payment: Cash/current cheque upon the first installation.

    • Technical Viewing: Our professional technician will view the premises of the office, factory, building, house, and other relevant property to ensure there is a water tap source, PowerPoint and drainage. Technicians will consult customers on the best location for the installation of dispensers for better water flow and optimal placement.

    • JANT MARKETING SDN BHD is not liable for any damages caused by customer-requested relocation of previously installed equipment. 

    • Dispenser deposit will be forfeited or charged accordingly based on dispenser conditions upon collection on a closed account.

    • All installation charges are non-refundable.

    • Optional - Ownership transfer after 4 years usage is based on the installation date.

    • The validity of these terms & conditions are subjected to a period of 30 days unless otherwise specified.

    • In the event, a customer closes an account after full payment & before expiry, Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd will not refund any unutilized rentals.

    • Minimum 12 months contract for rental selection. Early cancellation is subject to a charge of remaining rentals for the incomplete contract period.

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